Atlanta Teeth Whitening

Atlanta Teeth Whitening

Let us upgrade your smile with our Atlanta teeth whitening service! We are offering $50.00 off KOR Whitening through October 31st.

Atlanta Teeth Whitening

Dear Promenade Dental Care Family,

Have you been thinking about whitening your teeth, but just haven’t made time? Looking for a gleaming white smile without breaking the bank? Promenade Dental Care is now offering $50 off KOR Teeth Whitening through October 31, 2020! KOR Whitening is one of the top whitening systems in America and Dr. Harris is excited to offer the same cosmetic whitening available to celebrities and influencers at a fantastic price. Imagine lowering your mask, only to reveal the smile you have always dreamed of.

$50 off KOR Whitening
Services only available to patients who have had their teeth cleaned and examined in the last 8 months.  Excludes any touch-up service.

KOR teeth whitening

Request an appointment or call our office at 404-607-6960 to learn more about whiter teeth solutions.



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