End of Year Dental Benefits

THE END IS NEAR! At the end of 2019 that is. With the holidays fast approaching and schools getting ready to close, it’s a race against the clock for many adults to finish their long list of tasks before the start of a new year. However, one thing that most adults seem to forget about is the remaining benefits left on their annual dental plan.

Most dental plans run on a must be used within a calendar year otherwise (poof) whatever benefits were left will be long gone.

Here are some dental benefits to consider before the year is over:

Expiring deductibles

Don’t forget that deductibles are what you must pay upfront before your insurer will pay anything towards dental costs. Determine how close you are to your deductible amounts and keep in mind that deductibles reset each year on January 1st. If you do not meet your deductible amounts before the year comes to a close then the amounts will start over from $0.

Flexible Spending

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) help cover certain dental expenses with tax-free money offered by employers. If you have an FSA, make sure to use up those remaining dollars. Understanding how an FSA works will help you keep your money in your own pocket.

Health savings account

If you don’t want your lose your unused dollars at the end of each year, it would be good to look into a health savings account (HSA). It allows you to make tax-free deposits each year that you can withdraw at any point to pay for medical expenses. The best part is that any money deposited into the HSA can be rolled over year after year allowing your account to grow.

Whether it’s a teeth cleaning or a cavity filling, Promenade Dental Care in Atlanta can help you get the most out of your dental insurance benefits. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call us at (404) 607-6960 to schedule your Midtown dentist appointment now to take advantage of expiring deductibles, flex spending and health savings accounts!



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